Always have, for as long as I can remember. My first camera was an old Polaroid, instant satisfaction. Quality? Well, not so much, but it didn't matter then. I shot a photograph and got to see it just 60 seconds later. Of course, I graduated to 35 millimeter film and studied all phases of photography and cinematography. Spent many hours in the darkroom watching my work come to life. There was something very alluring about the process of physically turning film into print. I do miss that sometimes.

However, digital photography and its ever evolving software, holds it's own seductions. I love the possibilities that are now just a click away. Straying for a few years from my passion to enter the corporate world, I learned more than enough to ease my way through all the computer software classes now a must for all Photographers. The adjustment from film to digital was actually quite smooth for me. Plus the bonus of instant satisfaction again, just the way I started. This time without even the 60 second wait. I love being able to see instantly, that I captured the shot I wanted. Though I rarely peek when I'm shooting, and just let my instincts and eyes take over. "the Eye of a Photographer," I was told by a professor. I look at everything around me from the perspective of what kind of a photograph it would make. I don't know any other way. Photography is not what I do, it is who I am. I am a Photographer. Let me bring that eye, and my experience, to create a lasting memory for you to enjoy.

Having studied at the Photography Institute and the New York Institute of Photography, my experience includes Sports Photography, Concert Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait, Child, and Pet Photography, Corporate Photography and Social Event Photography. Like I said... I shoot things, actually people, places and things. For obvious reasons, I did not want to say... I Shoot People. As far as, "I Shoot Places", while true, it didn't seem to say enough? So that left me with, "I Shoot Things". Translation, whatever you want to preserve in photographs, whatever that "Thing" is...I can shoot it!